Product Code Roll-up for Opportunities Configuration Guide

Product Code Roll-up on Opportunities enables you to easily transfer product codes from opportunity line items to opportunities allowing you to filter and search opportunities based on Product Code.

How To Set Up

  1. Install the Product Code Roll-up for Opportunities App from the AppExchange
  2. Add the following fields to Opportunity Page Layout and mark them as Read Only on the layout
    • Opportunity Product Codes
    • Opportunity Product Codes (short) < optional

How To Use

Product Code Roll-up for Opportunities works as follows:

  • A user adds, edits or deletes an Opportunity Product record, following their normal business process.
  • The values stored in the Product Code standard field of all the Products related to the opportunity are automatically copied into the Opportunity Product Codes field on the related opportunity.
  • The first 255 characters of Opportunity Product Codes field are copied into the Opportunity Product Codes (short) field.
  • Every time the opportunity is updated, both fields are automatically updated.

Advanced Administrator Technical Information

The following information will be useful for your System Administrator in maintaining Product Code Roll-up for Opportunities in your salesforce organisation

  • Set the delimiter character to be used to identify separate Product Codes by editing the Custom Label called Product Code Delimiter.  By default, the underscore ‘_’ is used. If your product codes include the underscore character, we recommending changing this delimiter using Salesforce’s Translation Workbench to adjust the English language translation to a character (or characters) not used in your product codes.
  • The Opportunity Product Codes long-text field permits 32,768 characters.  This is sufficient for more than 5,000 5-character product codes to be added to an opportunity.  Should your use case involve requiring more characters, please contact us at
  • The Opportunity Product Codes (short) text-field contains the first 255 characters of the Opportunity Product Codes field.  This is sufficient for more than 42 5-character product codes to be added to an opportunity.  As a text-field, values in this field are accessible in list-view filters, search and document merge solutions such as Conga Composer and Nintex Drawloop