TeeZee™ Timezones for Salesforce

View local time of your Leads, Contact and Accounts with timezone data for their addresses in Salesforce.

Easy To Install

Install quickly and safely from AppExchange®.

Developed by a trusted and reputable Salesforce ISV Partner since 2011.

Easy to Configure

  • Add the fields and components to your Lead, Contact and Account layouts
  • Connect up to the Google API
  • Timezone data starts to populate automatically on edit/save

Easy to View

Timezone data updates automatically based on standard address fields, and presented in a beautiful Lightning Component, giving your users clear visibility of the local time wherever their leads, contacts and accounts are in the world.

What? No Timezone?

If you’re trading internationally or simply generate lead, account and contact information from businesses around the world, it can be incredibly useful to know what time of day it is before you pick up the phone or send an email.

TeeZee™ Timezones for Salesforce was created to solve just this challenge.

As an international Salesforce Partner, we know that when you have leads and contacts that you’re working with around the world, knowing whether  that email or call is going to land when someone is awake or asleep is crucial.

TeeZee makes it really easy to see the local time in your lead’s, account’s or contact’s timezone.

The magic happens behind the scenes using Salesforce’s standard address fields and  Google’s advanced Timezone API to give you an accurate time of day for all your customers and prospects.

How to get timezones in Salesforce

  1. Install TeeZee™ Timezones for Salesforce from AppExchange
  2. Connect to Google Timezone API
  3. Add address timezone fields to relevant page layouts
  4. Timezones will update if  an address exists but no timezone stored or if there is a change to address

Salesforce Address Fields

TeeZee’s local time display is based on standard address fields from in Salesforce.

This means that each time you set or update an address in Salesforce – whether you’re creating or updating a record –  and you have TeeZee activated, you’ll get the timezone for that address automatically populated into a new Timezone ID field.

To enhance this further, a Timezone Name is also provided so you can see the common name for the timezone they are in.

TeeZee uses this TimeZone ID field to interrogate Salesforce for the latest offset from UTC to display accurate local time for the lead, account or contact.

Google Timezone API

TeeZee works in Salesforce but uses Google’s APIs. This means that you’ll need to set yourself up with a Google Cloud API account before you use the app.

Please be aware that in some circumstances, Google may charge for use of its API – so please make sure you familiarise yourself with this, particularly if you plan to bulk update records.

Get TeeZee™ now from AppExchange

TeeZee™ Timezones for Salesforce  is a CRM.Team app and available for free under the CRM Apps Lab brand.

Download it into your Salesforce today!