Record Refresher™ for Salesforce®

Mass update records in bulk for any object in salesforce.

Simple To Install

Install quickly and safely from AppExchange®.

Developed by a trusted and reputable Salesforce ISV Partner since 2011.

Simple To Use

  • Select an object from the picklist
  • Review the number of records to refresh
  • Press the Refresh button to edit/save them all!

Fast Results

No need for data loader.

Click one button to edit/save records in any Salesforce standard or custom object.

One-Click to Update All Records

Record Refresher allows you to bulk edit/save all records for any Salesforce object in a single click.

If you’re using Salesforce Professional Edition, you don’t have access to the data loader which makes this seemingly simple operation particularly tricky.

Even in Salesforce Enterprise Edition (and above), you need to have technical skills to manage the update operation by exporting a list of all the IDs of the records you want to update and then importing them again with an UPDATE operation.

Professional Edition

Unfortunately, there’s no supported way to perform the bulk update operation in Salesforce without a 3rd-party tool.

We recommend using Record Refresher because it is, we believe, the simplest way to perform all-record updates on any object.

Enterprise Edition

Using data loader requires skill and nerves of steel!  Be careful not to press the ‘Delete’ button instead of ‘Update’ or ‘Upsert’.

Record Refresher makes the operation that you think should be simple, simple!

Bulk Update Flexibility

Do you have a process (workflow, apex code, integration sync etc) that is triggered by an edit/save operation and you’d like to run on existing records?

The simplest way to perform a bulk update of records in Salesforce is using Record Refresher.

Just select the object and press to refresh!

Plus, you can choose the number of records to be processed at the same time during the update – all the way down to a single-record.

Perfect for updates if your org contains code or processes that don’t have bulk support.

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