Automated Opportunity Renewals For Salesforce®

Automatically create new opportunities with data from existing opportunities by setting renewals.

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Developed by a trusted and reputable Salesforce ISV Partner since 2011.

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Powerful options configurable with a few simple fields on Opportunity.

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All existing configurations unchanged.

No new objects and no changes to existing data.

What? No Account Source?

Some businesses used to find it frustrating that Salesforce did not immediately map the data stored in Lead Source on a Lead record to Account Source on an Account record.

“Lead Source Mapper” was borne.

Today, Salesforce does now map Lead Source on Lead to Lead Source on both Contact and Opportunity and to Account Source!

Lead Field Mapper now maps additional fields from Lead to Contact. It will automatically populate the Birthdate and Department field on a Contact record with data from the similarly named provided fields on Lead when converting the lead.

If you convert a lead to an existing Account or Contact and Account Source, Contact Birthdate or Contact Department are already populated, we don’t touch it… but if it’s blank, we pop in the relevant Lead field data. Now, it’s simple to create a report of the Accounts generated by Account Source and have your contact Birthdate and Department captured on Lead and converted to Contact.

Lead Source

Lead Source is automatically available on Lead, Contact and Opportunity records.

When you convert a Lead, Lead Source gets populated on Contact and Opportunity, if you choose to create it during the conversion process.

Account Source

By default, Account Source is not visible to profiles and admins need to enable it.

Once visible, it can be populated with the same values as in the Lead/Contact/Opportunity Lead Source picklist.

Reasons to use Account Source

After you’ve completed the lead process and are working in Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities, by default Salesforce “expects” you to track a Lead Source on each opportunity.

Most businesses that we’ve worked with prefer not to do this and would rather track the source of an Account.

You can then answer questions from your management team like “Which customers did we acquire through the channel?”

If you’re tracking Lead Sources only on Contacts and Opportunities – it’s tricky to answer this question. In all likelihood the Account Source is the same as the Lead Source of the first contact that was created for the Account.

Lead Source Mapper just makes it easier to track this upon lead conversion.

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