Activity Comments Enabler for Salesforce®

It’s frustrating when your users see only a subject line and no detail about an activity without clicking through. Activity Comments Enabler gives you a summary of comments in activity history related lists (showing tasks & events) with no clicks at all.


Simple To Install

Install quickly and safely from AppExchange®.

Developed by a trusted and reputable Salesforce ISV Partner since 2011.

Simple To Use

Simply add the Summary Comments field to Activity related lists.

Works in Lightning and Classic interfaces.

Fast Results

Speeds up your workflow and makes the whole process of reading comments easy and efficient. 

Increased Visibility on Activities

How frustrated are your Salesforce Users at not being able to see any indication of the comments they’ve made in a call log or task when they’re looking at a list of them. Hundreds of our customers have benefited from this simple app that allows them to display the first 255 characters of activity comments in any related list of activities (such as Activity History).

Help your team work faster and assist your customers better by giving them the information they need, the moment they need it.

Upon installation, this app gets to work straight away. Any time an activity (task or event) record is edited, a new ‘Summary Comments’ field is populated with the first 255 characters of the standard ‘Comments’ field. Simple!

Tasks in Salesforce

Tasks are a special type of Activity designed to record a ‘to-do’ item – no date needed – just a subject and assigned user.

Tasks are usually used to record call notes and items ‘to-do’ and can (but don’t have to be) associated with other Salesforce records.

Events in Salesforce

Events are designed to record ‘calendar’ items and must have a start date/time and end date/time. Events must have a subject and will appear in the Assigned User’s calendar.

Events are usually used to record planned meetings and other activities that will block out calendars. They can (but don’t have to be) associated with other Salesforce records.

Click-Free Access to Comments

Working in a digital world, one of the most frustrating things is needing to click unnecessarily when the information you want or need is available but not displayed.

Activity Comments Enabler includes Summary Comments fields on Tasks and Events and does not distinguish between open and closed activities.

You can display the Summary Comments field on both Open Activities AND Activity History related lists.

Perfect to surface important notes and comments to your sales and service teams without the need to click into the Activity record.

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