Enable Support access to your Pardot organisation

If CRM Apps Lab Support requests access to your organisation to assist you with a Pardot query, you must first create us a Pardot user to log in with.

You should never share passwords with either your internal team or with CRM SuperStars Support.

Only a Pardot Administrator may create users in Pardot.  After creating a user for CRM SuperStars Support, it is the responsibility of your Pardot Administrator to enable/disable access as required.

You may deactivate CRM SuperStars Support from accessing your organisation at any time.

Agreeing a Username with CRM SuperStars Support

Each username/email in Pardot is unique and the username/email we create to use to assist you will be specific and unique to your Pardot organisation.

  1. Before creating a user for CRM SuperStars Support, you must first contact our team by emailing help@crmsuperstars.com and request a unique Pardot username/email.
  2. We will then set up a username that unique to your organisation and reply to you confirming the username/email.
  3. The username we create will be of the following format: yourcompanyname@crmsuperstars.net. (Note that our Pardot usernames use the .net top-level domain)

Pardot User Creation

  1. The following help article describes how to create a Pardot User: http://help.pardot.com/customer/portal/articles/2128523-users-overview#creating-users
  2. When creating the user, please enter the following information and Save the user:
    • Firstname: CRM
    • Surname: SuperStars
    • Email Address: The username/email that you have been provided by us following the steps above
    • Send Activation Link: checked
    • Timezone: London
    • CRM Username: leave blank
    • Role: Administrator
  3. We will notify you when we have successfully logged in to your Pardot organisation.