Our Free Salesforce® Apps

Add powerful functionality to your Salesforce at the touch of a button. Our ‘The Apps Lab’ branded apps are designed to enhance and simplify Salesforce in real-life scenarios.

All the apps in the range are FREE OF CHARGE. There is no license fee to pay and there is no limit on the number of users who can utilise the functionality. The portfolio is constantly updating so check out the latest versions below and install them all for free from Salesforce’s AppExchange.


Touch Contacts

Automatically update Salesforce Contact records when their related Account is updated so that email marketing integrations work better!

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Lead Field Mapper

Instantly map Lead fields to Account and Contact Standard fields on Lead Conversion in Salesforce CRM so you can track where your accounts are coming from, birthdates and departments of contacts.

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Record Refresher

Record Refresher allows you to bulk edit/save all records for any Salesforce object in a single click. Ideal for back-filling data when using workflows or processes – mass refresh records in bulk for any object in Salesforce.

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1-to-1 Custom Salesforce Development for Your Unique Business Needs

Build and integrate complex business processes into simple Salesforce actions

Optimise Efficiency

We can help you turn your complex business processes into simple actions within Salesforce, making your business and team more efficient.

Unlimited Ways

Previous solutions have included; Online booking system with travel times, Streaming lead data from bespoke third party systems and many more.

Seemless Connections

Whether you need to manipulate your data directly within Salesforce or connect with another platform we help you achieve this as seamlessly as possible.

For Your Business

There are Salesforce solutions, but every business is different, so Custom Development is there when you need a specific solution for your business.

We have been developing extensions since 2011.

We have been making apps for years, and have a great reputation for development quality and support.

CRM Apps Lab’s free add-ons for Salesforce CRM are a goldmine for businesses seeking to enhance their sales operations. Their user-friendly and innovative tools seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, delivering robust functionalities that have significantly boosted our sales team’s productivity. For any organisation leveraging Salesforce, these add-ons are a must-try, offering great value at no additional cost. Highly recommended!

Jordan Crounce

Great functionality. Very helpful for our sales reps. Highly recommendable!

Andreas Bruchwitz