About CRM Apps Lab

Incepted as a part of the celebrated CRM Team Global, CRM Apps Lab was established to further the company’s vision to offer transformational Salesforce® solutions. CRM Apps Lab continues the legacy of CRM Team Global, which has been renowned for delivering world-class Salesforce® solutions since 2011.

CRM Apps Lab was conceptualised and brought to life by our dynamic CEO, Matthew, whose journey with Salesforce® started as an end-user. His technical prowess, coupled with years of experience in Salesforce® Administration, Development, and Consulting, led to the birth of CRM Apps Lab.

As part of the commitment to the Salesforce® ecosystem, CRM Apps Lab focuses on creating and delivering pre-packaged AppExchange apps alongside world-class consulting, administration, and development services. Our expertise in Salesforce® solutions allows us to scale across the globe, facilitating digital transformation for businesses of all sizes.

Our Values

At CRM Apps Lab, our values are not merely slogans; they are the bedrock of our culture and influence every facet of our operations. They guide our interactions with our team, suppliers, clients, and prospects, helping us maintain the balance of trust and respect at all times.

Everything we do is based on trust

  • We place immense trust in our team members, enabling them to deliver their best.
  • We strive to earn the trust of our prospects, initiating meaningful and engaging dialogues about how we can assist them.
  • Our clients place absolute trust in us as we handle their precious business data and intellectual property.
  • We trust our clients, suppliers, and team members to uphold the promises they make.

Respect is an earned attribute, not a given

  • We respect everyone’s time by ensuring efficiency and avoiding waste.
  • We respect the environment we operate in, making a conscious effort to reduce our impact on it.
  • We respect each other’s individuality and diversity.

We are dedicated to excellence in everything we do

  • We operate in an industry that demands accuracy and precision, underscoring the value of delivering excellent service.
  • We ensure high-quality interactions and communications with our prospects, clients, suppliers, and team members.
  • We are committed to delivering top-tier products that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Without action, there is no progress

  • We understand that comfort zones are barriers to progress.
  • We support our team members who take initiative and make considered decisions, believing in the rightness of their actions.

Integrity, collaboration, and teamwork drive us forward

  • By upholding our values of trust, respect, excellence, and action, we succeed as a cohesive team.
  • We promote a supportive environment where we motivate, coach, and learn from each other, fostering both individual and collective growth.

About The Founder

Matthew, our Founder and Managing Director, is the guiding force behind CRM Apps Lab’s product development, service delivery, and Salesforce® CRM & Pardot implementations. With over 13 years of experience in Salesforce®, Matthew’s journey began as an end-user in an Essex-based print business in 2004.

Matthew is a strong advocate for continual growth, both at a personal and professional level. He generously invests in sales coaching, mentoring, marketing, and business skills, propelling CRM Apps Lab to be a leader in the UK Salesforce® & Pardot Implementation marketplace. His vision drives the team to deliver innovative Salesforce® solutions and shape the future of digital transformation.

People love our Apps

We have been making apps for years, and have a great reputation for development quality and support.

CRM Apps Lab’s free add-ons for Salesforce CRM are a goldmine for businesses seeking to enhance their sales operations. Their user-friendly and innovative tools seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, delivering robust functionalities that have significantly boosted our sales team’s productivity. For any organisation leveraging Salesforce, these add-ons are a must-try, offering great value at no additional cost. Highly recommended!

Jordan Crounce

Great functionality. Very helpful for our sales reps. Highly recommendable!

Andreas Bruchwitz

1-to-1 Custom Salesforce Development for Your Unique Business Needs

Build and integrate complex business processes into simple Salesforce actions

Optimise Efficiency

We can help you turn your complex business processes into simple actions within Salesforce, making your business and team more efficient.

Unlimited Ways

Previous solutions have included; Online booking system with travel times, Streaming lead data from bespoke third party systems and many more.

Seemless Connections

Whether you need to manipulate your data directly within Salesforce or connect with another platform we help you achieve this as seamlessly as possible.

For Your Business

There are Salesforce solutions, but every business is different, so Custom Development is there when you need a specific solution for your business.