Real-time business information from Companies House

Reg.Direct™ connects your Salesforce organisation with Companies House so you can quickly see live, accurate company data directly on an Account record.

Easy To Install

Install quickly and safely from AppExchange®. 

Developed by a trusted and reputable Salesforce ISV Partner since 2011.

Easy to Set Up

  • Add the Reg.Direct fields and visualforce component to Account page layouts
  • Connect to Companies House API
  • Sync data from Companies House to Salesforce

Easy to Use

  • Companies House data is presented in a clean, easy to use interface for users.
  • Important registration data is stored in custom fields on Account, to help reporting and in-house automation.
  • Works in Salesforce Classic and Lightning.

Reg.Direct is designed to be an easy-to-use app for any company wishing to supplement their Account data in Salesforce with statutory data from Companies House.

Specifically relevant to Salesforce Users that interact with UK-based Accounts (prospects, customers or suppliers) to give insights to their corporate governance and financial compliance.

Reg.Direct can be installed in any edition Salesforce that supports the installation of Apps from the AppExchange. That means that even the low-cost Salesforce Editions can sync data from Companies House data directly into Salesforce.

Salesforce Partner

We are an approved partner of salesforce.com (and have been since 2011), with a long-standing understanding of how businesses best use the Salesforce CRM platform.

We offer our app technology through AppExchange, allowing you to benefit from approved technology that minimises the use of your field and app limits.

Companies House

Reg.Direct is not affiliated to or in any way partnered with Companies House. 

We simply give you the ability to use their public API to bring relevant data into Salesforce for your own use.


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Reg.Direct is a free App, and does not require payment!

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How to install

The 9 minute installation video walks you though how to install and configure the App. It’s straightforward and simple to use. You can have reg.direct running in your Salesforce organisation in just a few minutes.