Roll-up Product Codes from Quote Line Items onto Quote records

Easily access Product Codes on Quotes for Integrations and Reporting.

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‘Roll-up’ line item product codes onto a quote to use them in filters.

Use Product Codes directly on the Quotes object. Great for document merge solutions!

Product code roll-up makes the product codes from quote line items available in a text field on Quote so you can use this information in filters and for document merge applications such as Drawloop and Conga.

Product code roll-up makes two new fields (called ‘Quote Product Codes’ and ‘Quote Product Codes (Short)’ available to add to a quote page layout. Each time that the quote is edited or an quote line item added/removed, the fields are updated to include the list of product codes.

The ‘short’ field includes the first 255 characters from the list so that the field can be used as a filter in Salesforce Views. In the case of a 5 character product code, this field will support 42 opportunity line item codes.

Each product code in the field is delimited by default using the underscore character ‘_’. However, if you use underscores in your product codes, you can change this to any other character, or series of characters as the delimiter is stored in a Custom Label.

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