How to setup and use Reg.Direct

How To Set Up Reg.Direct

  1. Install the Reg.Direct app from Salesforce AppExchange
  2. Follow the installation video below.
  • As of April 2021, the steps to create the Companies House API key are as follows:
  • After creating the new key, copy the API key from the application page (it will look something like this: 123abc4d-9394-457a-a9e3-b797f5532d42) and paste it into the API key settings page in

How To Use works as follows:

  • An embedded Visualforce Page on the Account record or on an Account Lightning Page performs a search on Companies House for the Account Name in Salesforce and displays a list of similarly named companies in Companies House.
  • From the list of similarly named companies, press the button next to the company name that has the Company Registration Number (‘CRN’) on it.
  • Pressing the CRN Button updates the fields on the Account record below and displays live data from Companies House on the Visualforce Page.
  • After updating the Account fields, press the Reload Account Page button to reload the Account record.
  • When subsequently looking at the embedded Visualforce Page after a Companies House record has been selected, will displays live data from Companies House about that company based on the Registration Number saved.
  • The following custom fields are saved on the Account record and may be used in workflows/processes/reports:
    • Company Data
      • Registered Name
      • Registration Number
      • Registered Office PO Box
      • Registered Office Premises
      • Registered Office Address Line 1
      • Registered Office Address Line 2
      • Registered Office Locality
      • Registered Office Region
      • Registered Office Postal Code
      • Registered Office Country
      • Registered Office In Dispute
    • Incorporation Data
      • Incorporation Date
      • Cessation Date
      • Company Status
      • Company Status Detail
      • SIC Code
    • Accounting Data
      • CS Next Due On (Confirmation Statement Next Due On)
      • Accounts Next Due On
      • Accounts Next Period End On
      • Accounts Overdue
    • Synchronisation Data
      • Sync Now
      • Background Sync
      • Last Refresh Attempted
  • The following fields are saved on the Contact record and may be used in workflows/processes/reports:
    • Officer Data
      • First Name (standard field)
      • Last Name (standard field)
      • Mailing Address
        • Care Of, PO Box, Premises, Address Line 1, Address Line 2 (standard field: Street)
        • Locality (standard field: City)
        • Region (standard field: State)
        • Postal Code (standard field)
        • Country (standard field)
      • Birth Date (standard field)

Advanced Administrator Technical Information

The following information will be useful for your System Administrator in maintaining in your salesforce organisation

  • The app contains custom fields on Account that your users should have read access to.
  • The app includes callouts to the Companies House API whenever the embedded visualforce page is displayed.  These callouts count towards your organisation’s limits.
  • The permission set does NOT contain permission to standard objects or fields. You should ensure that your users have the necessary permissions to the standard fields listed.
  • If your Salesforce org limits access to custom settings through the Restrict access to custom settings org-wide preference, then please add Settings to the Enabled Custom Setting Definitions on user profiles (or allocate to users in a separate permission set).
  • Where Companies House provides only a Birth Month and Birth Year, populates the Birth Date assuming that the Birth Day is the first of the month – i.e. where Companies House presents a birth date of ‘September 1970’, this will be written to the standard birth date field as ‘1st September 1970’.
  • To provide users with access to, you’ll need to allocate them a license. Visit Setup | Managed Packages and select the Manage Licenses link next to Here you’ll be able to add and remove users from access to


  • Additional Officer data populated onto Contact fields


  • Additional Companies House data fields populated on Account (complete field list shown above)
  • Lightning Experience Design Adopted for the Interface
  • Background sync to keep Companies House data up-to-date in Salesforce including granular API metering controls
  • Option to Enable/Disable ‘Create Contacts’ button in Settings
  • Permission Set for Editors and Administrators

Should you require additional assistance with this app, please contact us at